Gary Clewley

Research Ecologist

Gary’s role as Research Ecologist includes leading fieldwork, analysis and reporting on a variety of relevant projects within the Wetland and Marine Team.

Interests & Responsibilities

Gary has worked on a range of projects within the BTO, both in terrestrial and marine environments, and has particular strengths in field ornithology and spatial analysis. He is an experienced bird ringer and trainer and has used a wide variety of novel tracking techniques, particularly with gulls, waders and wildfowl. 
His main interest in applied ecology include using high quality evidence for decision making in wildlife management, especially where potential conflicts may occur such as the construction of renewable energy developments or collision risks in the aviation industry. Other interests include the assessment and management of invasive non-native species and their interaction with native species and habitats.


PhD Ecology, Imperial College London - ‘Post-release assessment of Aphalara itadori (Hemiptera: Psyllidae) as a classical biological control agent of Fallopia japonica (Polygonaceae)’ – 2011- 2015 
MRes Entomology, Imperial College London - 2010 
BSc Zoology, University of Reading - 2009

Recent BTO Publications

Clewley, G. D., Barber, L.J., Conway, G.J., Clark, N.A., Donato, B.J., Thaxter, C.B. & Burton, N.H.K. 2021. Foraging habitat selection by breeding Herring Gull (Larus argentatus) from a declining coastal colony in the United Kingdom. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 261 View at journal website (DOI: 10.1016/j.ecss.2021.107564) 8pp
Clewley, G.D., Thaxter, C.B., Humphreys, E.M., Scragg, E.S., Bowgen, K.M., Bouten, W., Masden, E.A. & Burton, N.H.K. 2021. Assessing movements of Lesser Black-backed Gulls using GPS tracking devices in relation to the Walney Extension and Burbo Bank Extension Offshore Wind Farms. Research Report no. 738. ISBN: 978-1-912642-27-4
Clewley, G.D., Franks, S.E., Clark, N.A. & Robinson, R.A. 2021. Pilot study to investigate Oystercatcher (Haematopus ostralegus) feeding behaviour to enhance bird food modelling and shellfisheries management on The Wash. Research Report no. 735. BTO Research Report 735 30pp
Jiguet, F., Burgess, M., Thorup, K., Conway, G., Arroyo Matos, J.L., Barber, L., Black, J., Burton, N., Castelló, J., Clewley, G., Copete, J.L., Czajkowski, M.A., Dale, S., Davis, T., Dombrovski, V., Drew, M., Elts, J., Gilson, V., Grzegorczyk, E., Henderson, I., Holdsworth, M., Husbands, R., Lorrilliere, R., Marja, R., Minkevicius, S., Moussy, C., Olsson, P., Onrubia, A., Pérez, M., Piacentini, J., Piha, M., Pons, J.-M., Procházka, P., Raković, M., Robins, H., Seimola, T., Selstam, G., Skierczyński, M., Sondell, J., Thibault, J.-C., Tøttrup, A.P., Walker, J. & Hewson, C. 2019. Desert crossing strategies of migrant songbirds vary between and within species. Scientific Reports 9 View at journal website (DOI: 10.1038/s41598-019-56677-4) 12pp
Thaxter, C.B., Ross-Smith, V.H., Bouten, W., Clark, N.A., Conway, G.J., Masden, E.A., Clewley, G.D., Barber, L.J. & Burton, N.H.K. 2019. Avian vulnerability to wind farm collision through the year: insights from Lesser Black-backed Gulls (Larus fuscus) tracked from multiple breeding colonies. Journal of Applied Ecology View at journal website (DOI: 10.1111/1365-2664.13488)
Clewley G., Robinson R.A., Clark J.A. 2018. Estimating mortality rates among passerines caught for ringing with mist nets using data from previously ringed birds.. Ecology and Evolution View at journal website (DOI: 10.1002/ece3.4032)

Other Publications

Clewley, G. D., & Wright, D. J. 2014. Winter hosts of Aphalara itadori (Hemiptera: Psyllidae), a classical biological control agent of Fallopia japonica (Polygonaceae), in the UK. Biocontrol Science and Technology, 24, 1197-1201.
Clewley, G. D., Eschen, R., Shaw, R. H., & Wright, D. J. 2012. The effectiveness of classical biological control of invasive plants. Journal of Applied Ecology, 49, 1287-1295.

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