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Kate Plummer
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Garden birds: to feed or not to feed?

20 Sep 2019

Almost half of the households in the UK feed their garden birds. But should we? Dr Kate Plummer explores the effects of feeding on bird populations.

Kentish Plover (by vinx83 / Adobe Stock)

A new president, a renewed purpose?

As BTO's new president, Frank talks about his birding background and what he values about BTO

12 Aug 2019
Buzzard. Dave M Hunt (adobe stock)

What effect might annual releases of non-native gamebirds be having on native biodiversity?

Henrietta Pringle reveals the work behind a recent paper on gamebirds and predation.

02 Jul 2019
Jay. Sarah Kelman

General licences and BTO

Andy Clements, BTO Chief Executive, sets out BTO’s position regarding the current debate about wildlife licensing.

03 May 2019
BBS volunteers. David Tipling

Promoting BTO science — walking the line

Can we move and inspire people with passionate, powerful communications without compromising our impartiality and scientific credentials?

01 May 2019

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