The British Trust for Ornithology publishes a wealth of research and advice, for supporters of the organisation, conservation professionals, the scientific community and the general public. View the range of BTO publications below.

Scientific Publications

bto research report 692 cover
Self-published research papers by BTO staff
BTO Research Note  - Impact of wind farms cover
Summaries of our approach to our work and recent activity in key areas of scientific research.
Applied advice for conservation practitioners and policymakers.
Peer Journal sample covers
BTO staff research papers published in scientific journals.

Books & Guides

Sample BTO Book covers
BTO's range of books and guides for birdwatchers and surveyors.


Bird Study current cover
BTO's journal for publishing high quality papers relevant to evidence-based bird conservation and field ornithology.
Ringing & Migration
The journal of the British Trust for Ornithology Ringing Scheme, which includes papers on all aspects of bird ringing and migration studies as well as the annual ringing report.


BTO News current issue cover
BTO member's magazine showcasing survey results, the work of the Trust and our dedicated volunteers.
Life Cycle spring 2018 cover
LifeCycle is the magazine of the British & Irish Ringing Scheme and the Nest Record Scheme (NRS).
Bird Table current issue cover
The quarterly magazine for Garden BirdWatch members. 
Annual Review current issue cover

BTO's Annual Review provides a round-up of the work achieved by Trust, its volunteers, supporters and partners during the last year, as well as setting out future plans and reporting on BTO finance

In Partnership

The State of the UK's birds (SUKB) report provides a one-stop shop for all the results from annual, periodic and one-off surveys and monitoring studies of birds.
State of Nature Report
Over 50 Uk conservation organisations contribute to this assessment of nature across the UK.
State of Birds in Wales 2018 cover
Produced jointly by RSPB, BTO, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and Welsh Ornithological Society (WOS), the State of Birds in Wales Report provides a current overview of the state of breeding and wi

Survey results, reports and newsletters

Our ongoing fieldwork surveys publish results and update our volunteers on an annual basis. View publications for the Breeding Bird Survey, Wetland Bird Survey, the Ringing Scheme, BirdTrack and the Garden BirdWatch scheme.