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Curlew. Liz Cutting

Assessing drivers of winter abundance change in  Eurasian Curlews Numenius arquata in England and Wales

2022 | Woodward, I.D., Austin, G.E., Boersch-Supan, P.H., Thaxter, C.B. & Burton, N.H.K Bird Study

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Tagged gull in flight by Katherine Booth Jones

Belfast’s urban gulls: an assessment of breeding populations, breeding season movements and winter population

2022 | Booth Jones, K., Thaxter, C., Clewley, G., Wolsey, S., Calbrade, N., Atkinson, P., Calladine, J. & Burton, N.

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BBS volunteer, by David Tipling / BTO

Estimating the carbon footprint of citizen science biodiversity monitoring

The carbon footprint of biodiversity monitoring

2022 | Gillings, S. & Harris, S.J. People & Nature

Whilst it is essential that we have accurate information about how wildlife is faring in this changing world, we also need to be mindful of the carbon footprint generated by monitoring activities.

Research Reports
Knot, by Liz Cutting BTO

A review of the BTO/RSPB/JNCC Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) Low Tide Counts scheme with recommendations for its future operation.

2022 | Clewley, G.D., Calbrade, N.A., Austin, G.E., Frost, T.M. & Burton, N.H.K.

Research Reports
Bird survey volunteers, David Tipling

An introduction to model-based data integration for biodiversity assessments

2022 | Mancini, F., Boersch-Supan, P.H., Robinson, R.A., Harris, M. & Pocock, M.J.O.

Peer-reviewed papers
Curlew. Liz Cutting

Assessing drivers of winter abundance change in  Eurasian Curlews Numenius arquata in England and Wales

2022 | Woodward, I.D., Austin, G.E., Boersch-Supan, P.H., Thaxter, C.B. & Burton, N.H.K Bird Study

Peer-reviewed papers
Ring-necked Parakeet, Sarah Kelman

The potential for analyses of monitoring scheme data to inform about the impacts of invasive on native species

2022 | Pringle, H. & Siriwardena, G. Biological Invasions

Peer-reviewed papers
Wind turbines, Melanie Kocheva/

Hotspots in the grid: avian sensitivity and vulnerability to collision risk from energy infrastructure interactions in Europe and north Africa

2022 | Gauld, J.G., Silva, J.P., Atkinson, P.W., Record, P., Acácio, M., Arkumarev, V., Blas, J., Bouten, W., Burton, N., Catry, I., Champagnon, J., Clewley, G.D., Dagys, M., Duriez, O., Exo, M., Fiedler, W., Flack, A., Friedemann, G., Fritz, J., Garcia-Ripolles, C., Garthe, S., Giunchi, D., Grozdanov, A., Harel, R., Humphreys, E.M., Janssen, R., Kölzsch, A., Kulikova, O., Lameris, T.K., López-López, P., Masden, E.A., Monti, F., Nathan, R., Nikolov, S., Oppel, S., Peshev, H., Phipps, L., Pokrovsky, I., Ross-Smith, V.H., Saravia, V., Scragg, E.S., Sforzi, A., Stoynov, E., Thaxter, C., Van Steelant, W., van Toor, M., Vorneweg, B., Waldenström, J., Wikelski, M., Žydelis, R. & Franco, A.M.A. Journal of Applied Ecology

Peer-reviewed papers
Lesser Whitethroat by Jeff Lack

Demographic variation in space and time: implications for conservation targeting

Ringing data for conservation

2022 | Morrison, C.A., Butler, S.J., Clark, J.A., Arizaga, J., Baltà, O., Cepák, J., Nebot, A.L., Piha, M., Thorup, K., Wenninger, T. & Robinson, R.A. Royal Society Open Science

Amidst widespread declines, how can we ensure conservation is targeted and effective? Analysis of ringing data to detect patterns of survival and productivity may be key to answering this question.

Peer-reviewed papers
Wetland. Mike Toms / BTO

Conservation interventions can benefit species impacted by climate change

2022 | Bowgen, K.M., Kettel, E.F.., Butchart, S.H.M., Carr, J.A., Foden, W.B., Magin, G., Morecroft, M.D., Smith, R.K., Stein, B.A., Sutherland, W.G., Thaxter, C.B. & Pearce-Higgins, J.W. Biological Conservation

Peer-reviewed papers
Brown Long-eared Bat, Jez Blackburn

Can citizen science provide a solution for bat-friendly planning?

Can citizen science support bat-friendly planning?

2022 | Border, J.A., Gillings, S., Reynolds, T., Neeve, G. & Newson, S.E. Landscape & Urban Planning

Peer-reviewed papers
Lesser Black-backed Gull - Edmund Fellowes

Investigating avoidance and attraction responses in Lesser Black-backed Gulls Larus fuscus to offshore wind farms

Tracking Lesser Black-backed Gull behaviour around windfarms

2022 | Johnston, D.T., Thaxter, C.B., Boersch-Supan, P.H., Humphreys, L., Bouten, W., Clewley, G.D., Scragg, E.S., Masden, E.A., Barber, L.J., Conway, G., Clark, N.A., Burton, N.H.K & Cook, A.S.C.P. Marine Ecology Progress Series

GPS technology data reveals a detailed picture which may be used to inform future collision risk assessments when new offshore developments are proposed. 

Peer-reviewed papers
Nightjars, Allan Drewitt

Rush or relax: migration tactics of a nocturnal insectivore in response to ecological barriers

2022 | Lathouwers, M., Artois, T., Dendoncker, N., Beenaerts, N., Conway, G., Henderson, I., Kowalczyk, C., Davaasuren, B., Bayargur, S., Shewring. M., Cross, T., Ulenaers, E., Liechti, F. & Evens, R. Scientific Reports

New research involving BTO has confirmed the theory the migratory birds use different strategies at different points on their migratory journeys, speeding up when passing through inhospitable regions

Peer-reviewed papers
Herring Gull, Sarah Kelman

Habitat selection and specialisation of Herring Gulls during the non-breeding season

2022 | O'Hanlon, N.J., Thaxter, C.B., Burton, N.H.K., Grant, D., Clark, N.A., Clewley, G.D., Conway, G.J., Barber, L.J., McGill, R.A.R. & Nager, R.G. Frontiers in Marine Science

New collaborative BTO research has used GPS to provide insights into the movements and habitat needs of Herring Gulls outside the breeding season.

Peer-reviewed papers
Guillemots, Mike Toms

Linking climate change vulnerability research and evidence on conservation action effectiveness to safeguard European seabird populations

In the face of climate change, BTO joins other organisations to consider how to improve the frameworks used for conservation

2022 | Hakkinen, H., Petrovan, S.O., Sutherland, W.J., Dias, M.P., Ameca, E.I., Oppel, S., Ramírez, I., Lawson, B., Lehikoinen, A., Bowgen, K.M., Taylor, N.G. & Pettorelli, N. Journal of Applied Ecology

Northern Ireland Seabird Report
Shag. John Harding / BTO

Northern Ireland Seabird Report 2021

2022 | Booth Jones, K.

Fulmars continue to decline across most sites, while large gulls buck the national trends and are increasing across Northern Ireland. 

Peer-reviewed papers
Scottish mountain scenes. Andy Wilson / BTO

A framework for climate change adaptation indicators for the natural environment

2022 | Pearce-Higgins, J.W., Antãod, L.H., Batese, R.E., Bowgen, K.M., Bradshaw, C.D., Duffield, S.J., Ffoulkes, C., Franco, A.M.A., Geschkek, J., Gregory, R.D., Harley, M.J., Hodgson, J.A., Jenkins, R.L.M., Kapos, V., Maltby, K.M., Watts, O., Willis, S.G., Morecroft, M.D. Ecological Indicators

BTO leads collaborative research to create framework for assessing climate change adaptation.

Peer-reviewed papers
Meadow Pipit nest, Hugh Insley

Warming temperatures drive at least half of the magnitude of long-term trait changes in European birds

2022 | McLean, N., Kruuk, L.E.B., van der Jeugd, H.P., Leech, D., van Turnhout, C.A.M. & van de Pol, M. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA

Climate change is impacting wild populations, but its relative importance compared to other causes of change is still unclear.

Peer-reviewed papers
Birdwatching by Graeme Garner

Extreme uncertainty and unquantifiable bias do not inform population sizes

2022 | Robinson, O.J., Socolar, J.B., Stuber, E.F., Auer, T., Berryman, A.J., Boersch-Supan, P., Brightsmith, D.J., Burbridge, D.J., Burbridge, A.H., Butchart, S.H.M., Davis, C.L., Dokter, A.M., Di Giacomo, A.S., Farnsworth, A., Fink, D., Hochachka, W.M., Holwell, P.E., La Sprte, F.A., Lees, A.C., Marsden, S., Martin, R., Martin, R.O., Masello, J.F., Miller, E.T., Moodley, Y., Musgrove, A., Noble, D., Ojeda, V., Quillfeldt, P., Royle, J.A., Ruiz-Gutierrez, V., Tella, J.L., Yorio, P., Youngflesh, C. & Johnston, A. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA

Research Reports
Curlew chick by Philip Croft

Nesting dates of Moorland Birds in the English, Welsh and Scottish Uplands

A burning question?

2022 | Wilson, M.W., Fletcher, K., Ludwig, S.C. & Leech, D.I.

Research Reports
Whiskered Bat by Jan Svetlik

Bailiwick Bat Survey: 2021 Report

Bailiwick Bat Survey 2021 Report

2022 | Newson, S.E., Allez, S.L., Coule, E.K., Gillings, S., Harper, J., Henney, J.M., Higgins, L., Simmons, M.C., Sweet, E., Whitelegg, D. & Atkinson, P.W


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