BTO's international research cuts across many of the organisation's research themes and has a broad remit, taking in classical ecological studies, as well as incorporating elements from the social and economic sciences. We operate in three broad areas – research into the ecology of long-distance migrant birds, provision of technology transfer and capacity building and research into the links between biodiversity, the natural environment and people in developing African countries.

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Recent International research

Wind Farm - Dawn Balmer

Wind farms and biodiversity: a collision course?

The development of green energy is more important than ever. One of the most well-developed and cheaply available options is wind power, but there is evidence that wind farms can also have a negative impact on biodiversity. 

Golden Oriole - Chris Knights

British birds more likely to go extinct

The UK has lost seven species of breeding birds in the last 200 years. Conservation efforts to prevent this from happening to other species, both in the UK and around the world, are guided by species’ priorities lists, which are often informed by data on range, population size and the degree of decline or increase in numbers. This paper presents the first analysis of British birds using the IUCN Red List criteria.
Curlew chicks, photograph by Hugh Insley

Curlews and godwits - the vanishing tribe

New collaborative research led by the BTO investigates reasons for recent losses in curlews and godwits worldwide and identifies conservation measures which could be put in place to halt the declines.