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Nightingale. Edmund Fellowes

BTO Conference 2021: Session 1 Symphonious Spring – Rewilding and Birds at Knepp Wildland

Led by Penny Green/Tony Davis

We open our week of conference talks with Penny Green, ecologist and Tony Davis, lead ringer, sharing the journey of Knepp's rewilding project and the extraordinary results so far.

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March 2022

Breeding Bird Survey Field Trip - Derry

Practice Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) methods and common bird ID during this relaxed field outing. Recommended for those who have recently completed an online BBS or bird ID course.

Led by Stephen Hewitt
Culmore Country Park
BT48 8JP Derry

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Siskin. Edmund Fellowes

BTO Youth's Birding 101: Migration

Join BTO's Youth Representatives to learn more about the incredible journeys birds make every year on their migration, and what to look out for as our spring migrants start arriving.

Led by Kate Fox, Mark Pitt

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BTO Youth's Birding 101: Identifying birds by sound (part 2)

Join BTO's Youth Representatives to learn how to recognise more common birds by song and call.

Led by Lizzie Waring

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April 2022

BTO Youth's Birding 101: Birds in the UK

Join BTO's Youth Representatives to find out where in the UK you are most likely to see different species and groups of birds.

Led by BTO Youth Representatives

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BTO Youth's Birding 101: Conclusion

Join BTO's Youth Representatives for a final session to celebrate the end of the Birding 101 series.

Led by BTO Youth Representatives

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