BTO Wales

The BTO’s strength in Wales is a testimony to the efforts of volunteers. For many years, the BTO’s Honorary Wales Officer, John Lloyd, and our team of volunteer Regional Representatives have promoted the Trust’s work and led on training and recruiting birdwatchers to take part in surveys. We will be providing far more support with the opening of the BTO Cymru office at Bangor University.

Snowdon. Rachel Taylor

Team Members

Kelvin Jones

Development Coordinator

Rachel Taylor

Senior Ecologist

Katharine Bowgen

Research Ecologist

The office is located at the Thoday Building, within the School of the Environment, Natural Resources, and Geography.

Our address and phone number are:

Thoday Building,
Deiniol Rd.,
LL57 2UW

Tel: 01248 383285 

Key aims for BTO Wales

  • To attract more volunteers and members – so that we can provide more comprehensive information on important species of Welsh habitats – whether they be Pied Flycatchers in oak woods, farmland Lapwings, coastal ducks or House Sparrows in gardens. Click here to contact your local Regional Representative.
  • To work with partners in Wales, particularly the Welsh Ornithological Society, RSPB and Natural Resources Wales, so that we can develop studies and research which can explain rapid changes in numbers for species such as Curlew on upland farms.
  • To develop a Welsh voice for the BTO, focusing on issues that are important to Welsh birdwatchers – providing information in both English and Welsh.

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