PJ's journey from 02 May 2018 to 23 April 2019

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PJ isn't hanging around - 23 Apr 2019
When his tag powered up on 18 April he was to the west of Madrid, central Spain. However, when his tag came on again around breakfast on 23 April he had left Spain and was in western France close to the town of La Roche-sur-Yon. This will automatically update on his map overnight. He is now only 658km (409 miles) from his Thetford Forest breeding site.
PJ is on his way - 17 Apr 2019
During the last couple of days PJ has crossed the desert and is on his way back to the UK. A couple of poor quality locations received from his tag late in the evening on 16 April showed that he was crossing the Mediterranean east of the Strait of Gibraltar. We will have to wait until his tag powers on again late on 18 April to see where he makes landfall.
PJ has moved north - 11 Apr 2019
Having spent the last couple of weeks to the south of Yamoussoukro, the capital of Ivory Coast, PJ is now just to the north of the city. This could be the start of his northward movement that will hopefully see him successfully cross the desert.
PJ still in Ivory Coast - 04 Apr 2019
PJ is moving around southern central Ivory Coast and is currently to the west and south of the capital Yamoussoukro in an area of gallery forest.
PJ moves back west - 20 Mar 2019
During the last few days PJ and headed back west. He has flown over 100km (65 miles) and is on the banks of the Nzi River to the south of Kassikankro. Presumably these movements are in search of better feeding conditions.