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PJ is named in memory of Pamela Joy Miller who passed on her passion for birds to her nephews and nieces and their children - now all her family can follow PJ's journey and think of Pam

Cuckoo 161318 portrait
Tuesday, June 7, 2016 - 06:00
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King's Forest, Suffolk, England
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PJ's journey from 07 June 2016 to 23 October 2021

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22 Oct 2021 - PJ crosses into Cameroon

New updates received yesterday evening show that PJ has flown 681 km (423 miles) south east from his last location in Nigeria over the border into Cameroon. He knows this part of Cameroon well having made several stops here both on his southwards and northwards migrations in previous years. He may next visit Republic of Congo on his way to Angola. 

19 Oct 2021 - PJ heads south

Over the last few days PJ has flown 340 km (211 miles) south from northern Nigeria where he has been since 13 August, to his new location in the western part of Kaduna state. He is just east of the man-made Shiroro Reservoir which was created in 1984 by damming the Kaduna River. He usually stops south of Abuja which is another 120 km south east of his current location. The next country on his list is likely to be Cameroon. 

13 Aug 2021 - PJ moves to Nigeria

A new update from PJ's tag this morning show that he has flown 390 Km (243 miles) south east and over the border from Niger into Nigeria. He is now in north west Nigeria, approximately 195 Km (121 miles) east of JAC and 200 Km (195miles) north west of Calypso. Ellis and AJ are also currently in Nigeria.

05 Aug 2021 - PJ forges on into southern Mali

Since our last update PJ has flown a further 1,022 Km (635 miles) south, passing through the highlands of the Hoggar mountains in southern Algeria and crossing into Mali. By 03:55 this morning he had reached south east Mali and was just outside the Ansongo Giraffe Reserve (réserve partielle de faune d'Ansongo Ménaka), a 1,750,000 hectare protected area designated in 1950 to try to conserve the last remaining Giraffes in this part of Africa. Unfortunately the Giraffes have disappeared but it remains a special area for wildlife and people.  

03 Aug 2021 - PJ is crossing the Sahara (again)!

On his sixth tracked migration south, our super Cuckoo PJ has made it to Africa. On Saturday morning he had flown 315 km (195 miles) south from the Spanish Pyrenees to the town of Barracas, Castellón, Spain. By yesterday morning he had flown 1,150 Km (715 miles) south, across the Mediterranean and into Algeria. He pressed on through the day and by the time we received the last update at 22:27 last night, he was in the Hoggar mountains in the central Sahara, southern Algeria. He was 218 Km (135 miles) north of the oasis city of Tamanrasset, where citrus fruits, apricots, dates, almonds, cereals, corn, and figs are grown. Hopefully when we receive the next update we will see that PJ has successfully completed his desert crossing. 

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