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PJ is named in memory of Pamela Joy Miller who passed on her passion for birds to her nephews and nieces and their children - now all her family can follow PJ's journey and think of Pam

Cuckoo 161318 portrait
Tuesday, June 7, 2016 - 06:00
Tagging Location:
King's Forest, Suffolk, England
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PJ's journey from 01 May 2020 to 13 January 2021

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PJ's movements

18 Dec 2020 - PJ moves north

Over the last couple of weeks, PJ has gradually moved 167 km (104 miles) north into the Zaire district of north-western Angola. He is now in dense rainforest 56 km (35 miles) N-NE of the town of N'Zeto. In previous years PJ has remained in Angola until late January.  

10 Nov 2020 - PJ arrives in Angola

After a visit to the shores of the Rio del Rey estuary in western Cameroon, new signals from PJ's tag show that by yesterday evening he had flown 725 km (450 miles) south east into eastern Gabon. In previous years he has wintered in northern Angola and if this is his destination this year, he has a further 970 km (600 miles) to go before he reaches this area.  

30 Oct 2020 - PJ arrives in Cameroon

Further updates received late yesterday afternoon and evening show that PJ has flown 653 km (406 miles) south east from his last location in Nigeria, over the border into Cameroon. He is now approximately 19 km (12 miles) west of the town of Tibati which is on the shore of Lake Mbakaou in central Cameroon. 

29 Oct 2020 - PJ moves into Nigeria

Having spent almost two months in southern Niger, it is good to see PJ on the move again. Over the past few days he has flown 622 km (387 miles) south into Nigeria. He is now 50 km (30 miles) west of the capital Abuja and only 93 km (58 miles) west of Carlton II who is east of Abuja. We expect PJ to follow a similar route south to Valentine, passing through or over Cameroon and on to his wintering grounds in northern Angola. His wintering areas in previous years have been to the east of Valentine's, nearer the coastal city of Luanda.

02 Sep 2020 - PJ goes east in Niger

Over the last few days PJ has flown 244 km (151 miles) east within southern Niger. He is now around 50 km north of the border with Nigeria and 67 km south east of the city of Tahoua. He visited the same location during his southern migration in 2017. Based on his behaviour in previous years his route to his wintering grounds in Angola are likely to take him through Nigeria and Cameroon. 

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