The Chris Mead Library

The BTO's Chris Mead Library is situated in the Chapel of the old Nunnery at the BTO headquarters in Thetford.

Whilst primarily for the use of staff and members, non-members are very welcome to use it for research purposes.

The Library is normally open during office hours (9am-5pm weekdays), when visitors are welcome, but please call or email first if possible to ensure someone will be available to help you if required. The Librarian's normal working hours are 9am-4pm, Monday to Thursday.

If it is not possible for you to visit personally, BTO members may borrow books by post, and copies of papers can be supplied electronically or by post. Non-members may also request copies. Please contact the librarian with your enquiries, and refer to: 

BTO Archives

We keep extensive archives of survey material, personal papers & more.
Holdings information is detailed in the Library Catalogue.


  • The Library is not open at the moment, and the Librarian is working mostly at home, but please email library [at]  if you need to contact me!

  • NEW BOOKS - new books added to the library between June and December 2020
  • NEW BIRD REPORTS received, as listed in BTO News issue 337, Winter 2020.
    A big THANK YOU to all the Clubs & Societies who send their annual reports to the Library. Our collection is second-to-none, thanks to your continued support! If any reports are also available digitally (in addition to print), we would really appreciate both versions. PDF or Word documents are fine.
  • Looking for Open/Free Access?
    NB: BRITISH BIRDS is freely available on BHL, from 1902 to 2014.
    Check the ONLINE RESOURCES LIST for links to freely available digital publications and other material.

Please address all correspondence, and return all borrowed items, to:
The Librarian (Carole Showell)
British Trust for Ornithology
The Nunnery
Norfolk IP24 2PU

Email : library [at]
Tel.  01842 750050
Fax. 01842 750030 

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