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Garden BirdWatch monitors the changing fortunes of birds and other garden wildlife through its network of 'citizen scientists'. Observations collected by BTO Garden BirdWatchers are analysed by BTO researchers and published in leading journals. BTO Garden BirdWatchers have charted the decline of the House Sparrow, the rise of the Woodpigeon, have discovered that urban birds get up later than their rural counterparts and have alerted conservationists to the impact of an emerging disease in Greenfinches. Find out more about Garden BirdWatch.

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Why are you still awake?

Garden BirdWatch results show that more Hedgehogs were active later in the year than usual, particularly in southern and eastern areas of the UK. They were seen in 4.1% of gardens in November, which is nearly double the average (2.4%) and numbers remained high in December. This is likely due to the mild weather conditions. 

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Blue Tit, by John Harding

Fewer Blue Tits in gardens this winter

During the winter months a lack of food in the wider countryside encourages both adult and juvenile Blue Tits into gardens, to make use of feeders. However, this November BTO Garden BirdWatchers reported the lowest numbers of Blue Tits in gardens since 2003, thought to be due to a lack of young birds this year.