Taking part

Garden BirdWatch is all about getting involved, about taking an interest in your garden wildlife and then using this interest to help us collect the information we need to inform policy and conservation objectives. You can get involved in many different ways, supporting our work and developing your own interest at the same time.

All you need to take part is a garden, an interest in garden wildlife and a little bit of time each week to carry out the recording. You don't have to provide food for birds and your garden doesn't have to be big. All types of garden are welcome as are all types of Garden BirdWatchers. As well as recording birds, you can also tell us about the other creatures that visit your garden.

How much time you devote to the project is up to you, all that we ask is that you are consistent in your efforts from one week to the next. If you can't do the count in a particular week then that doesn't matter either.

In fact, you can support our work without even doing the survey. We have several thousand Garden BirdWatchers who support the project financially and receive the quarterly magazine but who have chosen not to send in counts.

Garden BirdWatch is unique among BTO projects in that it is self-funded through the generosity of its 15,000 participants. In return for an annual membership of £17, you'll receive...

  • A welcome pack
  • A free book 'Garden Birds and Wildlife' on joining
  • Bird Table magazine, quarterly
  • Recording forms and instructions
  • Access to GBW Online
  • Chances to share your experiences with link-minded individuals
  • Access to the BTO's team of garden bird experts.

Find out more about how the recording works, the options for sending in records on paper or online and more about our community.