Spreading the word

Valuable work

BTO birdwatchers have charted the decline of the House Sparrow

Through a network of volunteers, the BTO is able to carry out unique research. The BTO monitors all habitats across the UK, with gardens overseen by Garden BirdWatchers.

The land area encompassed by gardens in the UK exceeds that of national nature reserves and RSPB nature reserves combined, and this area is set to expand with future human population growth. Such change will put increased pressure on the wider countryside in terms of increased food production, greater demand for water and due to urban development. Birds are likely to rely on gardens more and more in future, so monitoring the use of gardens by birds is essential. BTO Garden BirdWatch fulfils this role.

Help spread the Garden BirdWatch word!

The BTO is a relatively small organisation and sometimes it is difficult to get our important messages heard. To raise the profile of Garden BirdWatch, we engage with the media, use our website, run and attend conferences and events, and feed back to our members and survey participants. There are also several ways in which you can help!

Phone a friend

We find that the most powerful advocates for Garden BirdWatch are often participants in the survey! At BTO HQ, we endeavour to provide an excellent and informative experience for Garden BirdWatchers and it is very rewarding to hear of when an existing participant has managed to encourage a friend or relative to get involved. More >>>

Distribute leaflets and posters

One of the most effective ways for people to hear about us is through our leaflets and posters. These are provided free of charge and advise the public about garden birds and also encourage them to record what they see through BTO Garden BirdWatch. More >>>

Help your local Garden BirdWatch Ambassador

The BTO's regional Garden BirdWatch Ambassadors often seek help with their promotional activities. This might involve helping at an event, distributing leaflets at local venues, or publicising Ambassador activities with people/groups that you know. Perhaps you have some promotional ideas that you could share? Contact your local Ambassador >>>