Low Tide Coverage map

Coverage Map

Click on the site of interest to find out the level of coverage attained by the WeBS Low Tide Count scheme. Note that the Solent and Thames areas each contain a number of adjacent sites and are displayed in more detail by clicking on the relevant boxes. If you are not sure of the location of the site you're interested in, please search in the alphabetical list of sites.

Inteactive section maps are not yet available for Low Tide sites.  Please lowtide [at] bto.org (get in touch) if you require a jpeg or GIS shapefiles of the count sections of a particular estuary.

The counts run from November to February of a winter - the months listed are those for which any counts were received. The level of coverage is described broadly as "good" (for relatively complete geographical coverage of a site) or "partial" (where counts only refer to restricted sections of a site). Note that the coverage information is updated to the end of the 2008-2009 winter.

Thames complexSolent complexNorth Norfolk CoastPoole HarbourExeKingsbridgeTamarFoweyFalHayleCamelTaw/TorridgeSevernSwansea BayBurry InletCarmarthen BayCleddauDyfiInland SeaLavanConwyClwydDeeMerseyAltRibbleMorecambe BayDuddonHumberTeesDundrum BayBelfast LoughStrangford LoughWearTyneLindisfarneSolway FirthRough FirthWigtown BayLoch FleetCromarty FirthDornoch FirthMoray FirthYthanMontrose BasinTayForthEdenIrvine/GarnockClydeBreydon WaterBlythAdur
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