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The Secret Life of Birds (cover)

Publisher: Happy Yak, London

Publication Year: 2022

Binding: Hardback

Page Count: 48

ISBN Number: 9780711266209

Price: £ 12.99

The Secret Life of Birds

The Secret Life of Birds is a collection of delightful stories and engaging facts, which imparts a love of birds and of nature on the next generation, inspiring them to look after the world around them. Readers are invited to follow the book's guide, Speedy the Swift, as they fly through the pages, introducing us to their bird friends who teach the reader about such things as anatomy, the science of feathers and moulting, diet and migration. Interspersing the narrative are traditional stories from around the globe, introducing the reader to how different cultures respect birds too.

As well as the narrative and story, there are facts dotted into the book that adults and children alike will find fascinating, such as did you know that Swift chicks do press-ups on their wing tips to make themselves stronger?

This is a joyous book, with bright illustrations, that really aims to impart the love of birds to its readers. It mixes natural history with a splash of fantasy, creating a book to be poured over time and again.

Book reviewed by Gill Birtles

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