Wallace's journey from 24 May 2012 to 09 September 2012

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Wallace's tag may have failed - 01 Nov 2012

We suspect that Wallace’s tag has failed. We have received no further signals since 14 September when the charge of his tag was very low - it had been progressively charging to lower levels over several previous cycles. We now do not think the tag will be able to power on again and let us know Wallace’s whereabouts. There is no indication that Wallace has perished as the tag’s temperature remained normal. 

Update on Scottish Cuckoos - 16 Oct 2012

BB’s tag transmitted locations over the weekend showing that he remained in Chad.  Meanwhile, we have not received any further transmissions from Roy's tag since the 6 October. Whilst we had no cause for concern for Wallace when his tag last transmitted on the 14 September, the longer the silence continues, the more we wonder why.

Waiting for more data from Wallace - 28 Sep 2012

It is now two weeks since we last heard from Wallace’s tag, when its charge was very low and unconfirmed locations suggested he may have left to the SE. We had expected to hear more by now but as the tag’s charge was so low, it is still possible that he is in a location where it can’t charge. We may yet hear more about Wallace’s travels and are keeping our fingers crossed for him.

Has Wallace left Italy? - 17 Sep 2012

Since we last received a location for Wallace in northern Italy (9 September) we have received two unconfirmed locations that suggest he has left Italy in a SE direction and may be taking a route east of the Adriatic. This would make him the third Cuckoo to do so, following David and Roy. The charge on his tag was very low when the last one was received on Friday 14 September so we may have to wait a while before he pops up somewhere else and we get a better idea of his movements.

All quiet on the Cuckoo front - 14 Sep 2012

There have been no movements of note from our Cuckoos in the last few days. Transmissions have been received from Indy and Chance today and Lloyd, David, Wallace, Roy, BB and Chris in the last few days. Hopefully there will be more to report after the weekend!