Raymond's journey from 18 May 2018 to 23 April 2019

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Raymond has moved west - 11 Apr 2019
Raymond is still in Nigeria but has moved west towards the border with Benin. This movement has seen him fly 446km (277 miles). He is on the north bank of the Ogun River and close to the town of Aba Tuntun. The area he is in is a mix of open forest and cultivated land.
Raymond still in Nigeria - 01 Apr 2019
Raymond has flown 181 Km (112 miles) north west towards central Nigeria. He is now 1,230 Km (765 miles) east of the third Knepp Cuckoo, Knepp who is way out west in Ivory Coast.
Raymond moving west? - 29 Mar 2019
An update received from Raymond's tag at 02:55 yesterday morning suggests that he has departed Cameroon and has flown 515 Km (320 miles) west and crossed the border into Nigeria. We will have to await another update to learn whether Raymond has stayed in Nigeria or was en-route to another destination further west.
Raymond is in Cameroon - 18 Mar 2019
Over the weekend, Raymond moved west, crossing the border into Cameroon. He is currently in gallery forest to the west of the Lom River and the town of Maraba, and 382km (237 miles) from his stopover site in CAR.
Raymond on the move - 11 Mar 2019

Raymond is still in CAR, however, in the last few days he has moved 162km (100 miles) to the west. He is still in the gallery forest to the north of the rainforest but much closer to the border with Cameroon.