Larry's journey from 08 May 2018 to 07 April 2019

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Larry is on his way back - 11 Apr 2019
Larry has crossed the desert. He is 3,003km (1,866 miles) north and east of his last location in the Guinea Highlands and has crossed the desert at its widest point. He is currently in the Atlas Saharien Mountains in northern Algeria and close to the desert town of Brida. Fingers crossed, Larry will make it back to the UK and complete his fourth migration cycle since he was fitted with a satellite tag in June 2015.
Larry is back - 15 Mar 2019
Having not heard from Larry for the last four weeks we were beginning to wonder what had happened to him; well know we know. During the evening of 14 March he popped up in Guinea, almost 3,000km (2,000 miles) from his last known location in Congo. He is now further west than any of our tagged Cuckoos and currently in the Guinea Highlands to the southest of the village of Boutoudou. He is now 5,000km (3,000 miles) from his breeding area in the Forest of Bowland, Lancashire. He arrived back in the UK on 8 May in 2018 and on 4 May in 2017.
Where’s Larry? - 11 Mar 2019

We haven’t heard from Larry since 21 February but at the time the data we got from his tag showed that he was alive and that the battery charge on the tag was OK. All we can do is hope that he will ‘pop-up’ again soon.

Still no confirmation from Larry - 25 Feb 2019

Even though the locations we are getting from Larry’s tag are of poor quality they all show him the rainforest to the north of the Teke Plateau in northern Congo, so we are sure this is where he is. Once he pops out of the dense rainforest we should begin to receive better quality locations.

Larry on the move? - 11 Feb 2019
We received a couple of poor locations from Larry's tag that show him to the north of the Teke Plateau in dense rainforest. However, like the last time we heard from him we will have to wait for better quality locations to confirm this.