Larry's journey from 08 May 2018 to 09 January 2019

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Larry on the move? - 11 Feb 2019
We received a couple of poor locations from Larry's tag that show him to the north of the Teke Plateau in dense rainforest. However, like the last time we heard from him we will have to wait for better quality locations to confirm this.
Larry on the move? - 29 Jan 2019
During the last couple of days we received a series of locations from Larry's tag that show him on the Teke Plateau, Congo, 522km (324 miles) north of his mid-winter location in Angola. We will have to wait for some better locations to confirm this and for it to appear on his map, but it does look like Larry is on his way back.
Larry settled - 03 Jan 2019
Larry hasn't moved much since mid-December, other than short distances. He is currently around 50km (30 miles) from the coastal town of N'zeto, Angola.
Larry settled - 20 Dec 2018
Larry hasn't moved much during tha last couple of weeks but data from his tag shows that he is alive and well. He is one of four tagged Cuckoos that are wintering within a 30 mile radius in the same area of forest in Angola. The other three are Lambert, Knepp and PJ.
Larry has made it - 11 Dec 2018
For the fourth time since his tag was fitted, Larry has made it to his winter location in Angola. He is currently just under 200km (just over 100 miles) northeast of Luanda and in an area of forest he has used several times before. He is one of five of our tagged Cuckoos that are currently in Angola. During his time wearing a tag he has travelled in excess of 56,000km (35,000 miles).