Lambert's journey from 21 May 2018 to 23 April 2019

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Lambert has crossed the desert - 23 Apr 2019
Lambert began his desert crossing around 9.00am on 19 April and 24 hours later was 1,295km (805 miles) into the crossing and still going. By 9.00am on 21 April he had made it and was in northeastern Algeria and on the northern edge of the desert. His crossing speed was 68kph (42mph). He is currently in farmland to the south of the town of Chettouane Belaila.
Lambert carries on west - 11 Apr 2019
Lambert really isn't hanging around. During the last week he has moved a further 590km (367 miles) west, across Ghana and into Ivory Coast. He is currently close to the east bank of the River Comoe and west of the town of Dalaware.
Lambert has continued west - 04 Apr 2019
A couple of high-quality locations received during the early morning of 4 April show that Lambert didn't hang around in Nigeria. In the last few days he has headed west out of Nigeria, across Benin and into Togo. He is currently just to the south of the village of Adedakope and in the Tchiela Monata Forest and close to the Amou River. During this movement he has flown 704 km (437 miles).
Lambert makes it to Nigeria - 01 Apr 2019
Lambert has flown 643 Km (400 miles) north west from Cameroon to south-eastern Nigeria. He is now 180 km (111 miles) South of another Knepp Cuckoo, Raymond who is also in Nigeria. 
Where's Lambert? - 18 Mar 2019
We haven't heard from Lambert since 7 March but at the time the information from his tag shows he was alive. However, the battery charge was quite low. At the time he was still in southern Congo but it will be interesting to see if he pops up further north and west, hopefully once his tag recieves more charge.