Knepp's journey from 23 May 2018 to 08 December 2018

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Knepp still in Angola - 10 Dec 2018

Knepp has moved a little further south, 75km (47 miles) in all, and is now mid-way between the coastal towns of N'zeto and the capital, Luanda, albeit 42km (26 miles) inland.

Knepp further south - 19 Nov 2018
During the last few days Knepp has moved further south in Angola. He is now just to the northeast of the coastal town of N'zeto and currently further south than any of our other tagged Cuckoos. He is 6,606km (4,105 miles), as the crow flies, from the Knepp Estate in Sussex; his summer location.
Knepp joins Bowie - 14 Nov 2018
During the last few days Knepp has moved further south into Angola and is currently just a little further south than Bowie, one of our other tagged Cuckoos - 31km (19 miles) separates them.
Knepp in Angola - 07 Nov 2018
Locations received from Knepp's tag on 5 November showed that he had moved out of Gabon and was in Angola, flying through Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo on the way. He is currently in the northeast corner of Angola and 50km north of Bowie, another of our satellite tagged Cuckoos. During this movement Bowie has flown 610km (379 miles). He is to the south of Booue and the Ogooue River.
Knepp in Gabon - 19 Oct 2018
Two weeks ago Knepp made his move east and south out of Nigeria. During this time he has covered a distance of over 1,300km (800 miles) to reach Gabon, where he has joined three more of our tagged Cuckoos, Victor, Bowie and Robinson. All four Cuckoos are within a 20 mile radius of each other in an area of dense rainforest.