Jake's journey from 07 June 2015 to 24 June 2015

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End of the line for Jake - 03 Sep 2015

The last signals we received from Jake back in June showed that he was still in central France. No further signals have been received since. Looking back, the tag temperature was unusually high during these tranmissions, indicating that Jake had died. We have no idea what the cause of death might have been.

Jake heads east - 30 Jun 2015

Since we last heard from Jake we have received some good quality signals that show he has moved east. He is currently in central France north of Nevers.

Three more Cuckoos in France - 25 Jun 2015

Nine Cuckoos (plus Hennah whose tag has still not sent a good quality location) have now left the UK and seven of these (plus Hennah) are currently in France. The most recent three to have transmitted from France are new Welsh Cuckoo 146760, and Sherwood Cuckoos Jake and Dudley. Jake is currently in Burgundy, while 146760 is further south in the Auvergne region and Dudley is even further south in Toulouse.

It's interesting to note that Dudley left about a week later this year compared to 2014 while Jake left two weeks earlier.

Jake back in the UK - 30 Apr 2015

Jake has made it back to England after successfully completeing his Sahara crossing. Ths last good signal we had from Jake's tag was in Benin so we were pleased to see him safely return. 

No signals from Jake - 14 Apr 2015

Jake reappeared in mid-March and was in Benin but it has now been several weeks since we heard anything from his tag. Could he be on the move?