Disco Tony

The Welsh bog in which Disco Tony was tagged was a particularly challenging environment to work in, being characterised by high tussocky grass. Tony Cross has been part of the team in Wales since the first bird was tagged there in 2012. On capturing this Cuckoo, Tony had to do a hopping, balancing, disco dance of a run to retrieve it. To honour Tony’s commitment to the project, and of course his disco antics, Disco Tony seemed appropriate.

As a side note, Tony Fox, current Chairman of BTO Council, previously coined the name ‘disco grass’ for this high tussocky terrain, making Disco Tony even more appropriate.

Disco Tony's journey from 25 May 2016 to 22 September 2016

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Goodbye Disco Tony - 04 Oct 2016
We were hopeful that when, and if, Disco Tony's tag burst back into life it would show that he had successfully crossed the Sahara. However, a series of poor locations received on 4 October show that he is still in southern France and we have to conclude that we have lost him. Last year he left northern Italy on 19 August and was by Lake Chad by the end of the month. Even though he was running very late this year he wasn't the only one, and we hoped that he still might be OK but it doesn't seem to be the case and we have to say a very sad goodbye to Disco Tony.
Still no news - 19 Sep 2016

We still have no further news of Disco Tony. There is a slim chance that his tag will still spring back into life, and we have our fingers crossed that this will be the case.

Nothing from Disco-Tony - 06 Sep 2016
We have lost contact with Disco Tony and at this stage it looks like his tag might have failed. Only time will tell if it bursts into life again. We have 'lost' Cuckoos for up to six weeks, only for their tags to start transmitting again, hopefully this will be the case with Disco Tony's tag.
Disco Tony still in France? - 25 Aug 2016
We haven't heard from Disco Tony's tag since 12 August, when a poor quality location showed that he was still in southern France.We haven't received a good quality location from Disco Tony since he arrived in southern France in mid-July, which suggests there might be an issue with his tag. We wouldn't be surprised if he dosen't pop-up somewhere further south - only time will tell.
Disco Tony close to the Mediterranean coast - 12 Jul 2016
Disco Tony has headed south and is currently northeast of Montpellier on the French Mediterranean coast. Looking at his previous southerly migration we expect him to head east into northern Italy any day now.