Carlton II

Carlton Ii's journey from 28 May 2018 to 20 February 2019

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Carlton II in Gabon - 14 Feb 2019

We seem to be hearing from Carlton II’s tag about once a week at the moment when we should be hearing around couple of days or so. However, he is settled in an area of dense rainforest and is presumably spending quite a bit of time under the canopy, which means that the solar panel on the tag is not charging the battery as well as it would in full sunlight. The data we are receiving from the tag shows that the battery charge is quite low. Once he moves into more open habitat this should resolve itself and we should hear from Carlton II more frequently.

Carlton II on the move - 07 Feb 2019
Having spent around two months in the area just to the south of Booue, Carlton II has moved. During the last few days he has moved 79km (50 miles) to the north and east and is on the northern edge of the Ivindo National Park, Gabon.
Carlton II still settled - 03 Jan 2019
Carlton II is still in the Gabon rainforest just to the south of Booue. He has been in this location for two months. Several locations received from his tag on 3 January show that his body temperature is perfect but the battery charge on the tag is a little low.
Carlton II not moving much - 20 Dec 2018
We have received quite a few locations from Carlton II's tag during the last couple of weelks that show he is moving around the forest. However, he isn't moving very far. The largest distance he has covered is around 1km (just over half a mile). It is currently 27 degrees with light showers at his location.
Carlton II alive and well - 10 Dec 2018
Carlton II seems settled in the area of rainforest he has been in for just over a month now. He might move further south, or equally he could remain in this location for the rest of his winter stopover, only time will tell.