Carlton II

Carlton II's journey from 28 May 2018 to 22 April 2019

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Carlton II is on his way - 23 Apr 2019
Over the Easter weekend we received a series of locations showing Carlton II heading across the desert and by early evening on 20 April he had made it to southern Morocco. He didn't hang around though as by the evening of 22 April he was in southern Spain, just to the north of Marbella. During this movement he has flown 3,283km (2,040 miles).
Carlton is in Sierra Leone - 11 Apr 2019
Having received some better quality locations from Carlton II's tag we can confirm that he is in Sierra Leone. However he has moved a little further east and closer to the border with Liberia. He is currently in the northeastern part of the Gola East Forest Reserve in fairly dense forest.
Carlton II has moved - 04 Apr 2019
We have received a couple of poor locations from Carlton II's tag that suggest he is in Sierra Leone, not far from the border with Liberia. We will have to wait for higher quality locations to confirm this but if this is the case he is in the Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary on the banks of the River Moa. This would be an interesting movement 314km (195 miles) southwest of his last location in Guinea. We will have to wait and see what unfolds over the next week.
Carlton II is in West Africa - 15 Mar 2019
The poor locations we received from Carlton II's tag a few days ago suggested that he was on the move, however, during the evening of 14 March he popped up in Ivory Coast, close to the border with Guinea and south of the town of Blaneu. He is 2,267km (1,408 miles) from his last location in Cameroon.
Carlton II moving north? - 11 Mar 2019

A couple of poor locations received from Carlton II’s tag around 8am on 10 March show him in Cameroon, 316km (196 miles) north of his wintering location in Gabon. It will be interesting to see where he is when we next hear from him. The locations we have suggest that he is around 100km (60 miles) southeast of the Cameroon capital Yaounde. Until we get good quality locations from Carlton II’s tag his map will still show him in Gabon.