Bowie's journey from 24 May 2018 to 07 December 2018

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Bowie settled - 10 Dec 2018
Since arriving in northern Angola in early November, Bowie hasn't moved much. He is moving around the area of forest he arrived in and we are recieving locations from his tag quite frequently but it seems like he won't move very far now until he begins to head north again, probably some time in late January or early February. He is just over 6,500km (4,000 miles) from his New Forest breeding site.
Bowie settled in Angola - 19 Nov 2018
Locations received from Bowie's tag around breakfast time on 18 November show that he is still settled in forest in northwest Angola. He has been here since early November and it could be that this is his main winter location.
Bowie our most southerly Cuckoo - 07 Nov 2018
A few days ago we received a series of locations that showed Bowie had left Gabon and was in the north-west corner of Angola, 714km (444 miles) south of his stopover site in Gabon. He is currently in an area of forest 58km (36 miles) from the Atlantic Coast.
Bowie settled in Gabon - 18 Oct 2018
Bowie is settled in Gabon for the time being and we are receiving locations from his tag; we last heard from him during the early evening on 16 October. He is frequenting an area of dense rainforest in eastern central Gabon.
Bowie still in Gabon - 27 Sep 2018
Bowie is still to the north of the Teke Plateau, however, we haven't heard from his tag since 20 September. The temperature reading showed that he was alive but the battery charge was quite low. He is in an area of dense rainforest and the solar panel on the tag is probably not getting enough sunlight to properly charge the battery. Fingers crossed this will change if and when he moves further south.