Bowie's journey from 22 May 2018 to 11 April 2019

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Bowie has crossed the desert - 15 Apr 2019
Several poor quality locations from Bowies tag show that he has successfully crossed the desert and is in northern Algeria. He is south of the town of Hadjout in an area of cultivated hills and around 25km (15 miles) from the Mediterranean coast. We will have to wait for good quality locations for this to show on his map.
Bowie is on his way - 11 Apr 2019
A series of locations received from Bowies's tag mid-morning on 11 April showed that he was in the Grand Erg Oriental Desert, central Algeria, and around three-quarters of the way across the Sahara. This will automatically update on his map overnight. He is 2,571km (1,598 miles) north and east of his last location in Ghana. We will have to wait until his tag powers up again, around mid morning on 13 April, to see if he has successfully crossed the desert. Currently the wind is fairly light and from the north-west in this part of the desert. We have three other Cuckoos that are currently crossing the desert and, along with Bowie, these birds are also heading north-east, possibly being drifted by the north-westerly winds. We will have to wait and see if they have corrected their direction of travel when we next hear from them to help confirm this.
Bowie returns to Ghana - 29 Mar 2019
Since our last update Bowie has backtracked East, flying 411 Km (255 miles) from Ivory Coast over the border into Ghana. He is now 122 Km (75 miles) west of the city of Kumasi in south west Ghana.
Bowie moves again - 18 Mar 2019
Over the weekend Bowie moved south and west within Ivory Coast. Having spent a couple of weeks in eastern Ivory Coast he is now close to the western border and Liberia. He has flown 231km (143 miles) to get to his current location, an area of palm plantations close to the village of Niapoyo.
Bowie moving west - 04 Mar 2019

Bowie has left Ghana and is now in Ivory Coast, 545km (339 miles) from his last stopover location. It does look like he had a short stopover close to the western border of Ghana before crossing over into Ivory Coast. He is currently in forest on the outskirts of Ntopadrikro