Taking part

Participating in Nesting Neighbours takes just a few minutes each week through the spring and summer months. If you'd like to spend more time on the project, you can monitor as many nests as you like. 

Anyone can take part in Nesting Neighbours - we'd love you to join the project.

To take part, you'll need to sign up on the website and learn the Code of Conduct, which will protect the nest you’re monitoring from harm.

You'll also need a nest to monitor! If you don't know of any nests in your garden or local green space, don't worry - you can learn how to find a nest or put up a nestbox to encourage breeding birds.

How to sign up

You'll need a MyBTO account to sign up for Nesting Neighbours. If you don’t already have one, you’ll have to create one first

  • Log in to My BTO
  • Look for Nesting Neighbours in your list of available projects and press the ‘Sign Up’ button.

Code of Conduct

It is essential that nest recording does not harm or risk the nests being monitored. You must follow the Code of Conduct to ensure that your nest monitoring is safe for the birds. 

Code of Conduct

Put up a nestbox

If you don't know of any nests in your garden or local green space, you can read our tips on putting up a nestbox.

Put up a nestbox

How to monitor a nest

Monitoring a nest means visiting or observing an active nesting attempt on several dates throughout spring and summer and recording what you see. Learn how to collect the right information for the project.

How to monitor a nest

Send us your observations

Once you’ve started monitoring a nest and recording what you see, you can input all your observations online.

Input your observations

There is guidance if you need help getting started with sending us your observations.

Posting on social media?  

Use the hashtag #NestingNeighbours or visit our Flickr page.

Please also read through our Social Media Guidance for nest recording activities.

Get in touch

If you have specific questions about nest monitoring or data entry, please contact us.

We're always happy to give help and guidance.

  • By phone 01842 750 050
  • By email nesting.neighbours [at] bto.org

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