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Named in memory of the tag sponsor's late father who loved bird watching.

Valentine the Cuckoo
Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - 08:09
Tagging Location:
BTO Nunnery Lakes Reserve, Norfolk, England
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Valentine's journey from 05 June 2019 to 05 April 2020

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Valentine's movements

06 Apr 2020 - Valentine reaches Ivory Coast

New updates from Valentine's tag received at around 9pm last night (Sunday 5th April), show that over the last few days he has flown 2,170 km (1,348 miles) west from his last location in Central African Republic to Ivory Coast. He is now in eastern Ivory Coast, 173 km (107 miles) east of the capital Yamoussoukro. Valentine joins two other Cuckoos in Ivory Coast as PJ and Carlton II are also here. Tennyson is just over the border in Liberia. We expect the first Cuckoos to be crossing the Sahara any day now, and usually they will have spent several weeks in west Africa before attempting the crossing so it'll be intresting to see what Valentine does next. 

02 Mar 2020 - Valentine heading North

An update received from Valentine's tag late last night shows that he has flown 847 km (526 miles) North from his wintering area in Gabon to a new location in dense rainforest in central Republic of the Congo. He is now just 100 km (62 miles) south-west of another Thetford Cuckoo, Tennyson. 

21 Feb 2020 - Valentine on the move?

A very poor location from Valentine's tag in the last few days suggests that he is in the middle of the Gulf of Guinea, around 1,400km (890 miles) offshore. We don't believe this to be the case but it could be an indication that he is on the move. It will be interesting to see where he pops-up, fingers crossed it will be somewhere north of Angola and not out to sea. Watch this space.

16 Dec 2019 - Valentine in Angola

Valentine only stayed in Cameroon for a few days before pressing on to his current location in northern Angola. Valentine is now 228 Km (142 miles) north-east of the capital Luanda and just 167 km (104 miles) separates him from Suffolk Cuckoo PJ.

02 Dec 2019 - Valentine arrives in Cameroon

Valentine left Burkina Faso on 16th November, flying 495 km (307 miles) south-east over the border into Ghana where he stayed for a week. On 23rd November he departed Ghana and flew 836 km (520 miles) east to Nigeria where he stopped for around a week near Benin City in southern Nigeria. The latest update shows that by 5:45 pm on Saturday evening (November 30) Valentine had flown a further 416 km (258 miles) south east to his current location in western Cameroon. 

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