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Trent was named by Severn Trent Water, which funded his tag.

Friday, May 19, 2023 - 05:00
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Trent's journey from 19 May 2023 to 02 March 2024

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Trent's movements

21 Feb 2024 - Trent moves into Guinea

After a brief stop in Ivory Coast, Trent has flown a further 382km (237 miles) north-west, taking him over the border into Guinea.

He is now in the south-eastern corner of Guinea, approximately 33km (20 miles) south of the town of Senko. 

12 Feb 2024 - Trent arrives in Ivory Coast

Since our last update Trent has flown 1,200km (745 miles) west from Nigeria to Ivory Coast. He is now over 2,000km further west than the next nearest tagged Cuckoo, Bluey, currently in Cameroon.

Trent is now just outside of the town of Doukouyo in south-central Ivory Coast.

He will hopefully be finding plenty of food here which will allow him to build up his fat reserves in preparation for the next leg of his journey back to the UK, which will include tackling the mighty Sahara Desert. 

29 Jan 2024 - Trent moves West into Nigeria

New updates received from Trent's tag early this morning show that he has flown 450km (280 miles) West from his last location in Cameroon to a new location in Nigeria.

He is now approximately 10km south of the town of Okada in Edo State, southern Nigeria. 

17 Jan 2024 - Trent reaches Cameroon

Cuckoo Trent has flown 693km (431 miles) north west from Gabon to Cameroon, making him our most northerly tagged Cuckoo.

He is now a few miles west of the town of Nguti in south-western Cameroon, halfway between Korup National Park and Bangyang Mbo Protected Area. 

10 Jan 2024 - Trent continues north in Gabon

Over the last few days Trent has continued moving north in Gabon and has just crossed the mighty Ogooue River.

He is now in a forested area approximately 10km north of the small town of Booué in central Gabon. 

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