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Named in honour of the tag sponsor’s late husband, Joe. The couple much enjoyed watching the Cuckoos’ arrival each spring near their home by the River Leach. Initially there would be several birds, but, as time went by there were fewer and fewer, which saddened them greatly.

Joe, Cranwich Heath, 2022. PTT 232670
Friday, May 20, 2022 - 06:00
Tagging Location:
Cranwich, Norfolk
Age when found:
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Joe's journey from 20 May 2022 to 24 June 2022

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15 Jun 2022 - Joe reaches the French Riviera

Cuckoo Joe has already flown 1,105km (687 miles) south on the first leg of his migration. Having stopped briefly east of Paris, new signals received early this morning show that he is now in the hills above the French Riviera resort of Sainte-Maxime.

13 Jun 2022 - Introducing Joe

Joe is one of two Cuckoos tagged at Cranwich in Norfolk in 2022, the other being JD. After tagging JD, we moved to Cranwich Heath. We placed a triangle of nets around a lone bush and placed the decoy and mp3 playing in the middle. After setting the nets, turning on the MP3 and making a cup of tea Joe was heard calling from the edge of the heath. He soon flew into the area and perched on a dead branch calling and displaying to the fake female. He then flew inside the triangle of nets, scared a Linnet and promptly flew into the net, with the Linnet. Both were promptly extracted and the Cuckoo was tagged. We have targeted birds from this area to boost our sample of East Anglian birds. Cranwich Heath is approximately 10 miles north of BTO HQ at Thetford. JD and Joe will be the sixth and seventh Cuckoos to be tracked from this area, following Attenborough, Tennyson, Thomas, Sylvester and Stanley. These birds have typically taken the easterly route south to Africa. Joe was named by tag funder Sarianne Durie who recalls that she and her late husband Joe much enjoyed the cuckoos’ arrival, calling and displaying each spring when they lived by the River Leach.  Initially there would be several birds, as time when by there were fewer and fewer – which saddened them greatly.

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