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JAC is named in loving memory of Professor Jenny Clack, a world-class palaeontologist, widely acknowledged as the leading authority on the evolution of land vertebrates from fish. The name JAC was chosen by Jenny's husband Rob who said "It seemed appropriate I should contribute to this important scientific study of cuckoos in memory of a top-class scientist, whom I adored."

JAC the Cuckoo
Tuesday, June 1, 2021 - 05:00
Tagging Location:
World's End, Llangollen, Denbighshire
Age when found:
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JAC's journey from 01 May 2022 to 03 October 2022

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JAC's movements

15 Aug 2022 - JAC moves east in Nigeria

Since our last update, JAC has flown approximately 300km (186 miles) east towards north central Nigeria. His route took him to Kamuku National Park and he has since flown a further 30km east. He is now in north west Kaduna state, approximately 90km north west of the city of Kaduna.  

10 Aug 2022 - JAC flies from Benin to Nigeria

JAC's visit to Benin was brief as new updates received last night show that he has flow 186km(116 miles) south east, taking him over the border into Nigeria. He is now in north western Nigeria, on the edge of the Illoka Oje Forest Reserve. Last year JAC spent almost two weeks in western Nigeria before moving further east into north central Nigeria where he remained until early October. He then moved directly to the Congo Basin where he spent the winter. 

08 Aug 2022 - JAC visits Benin

After a brief visit to eastern Burkina Faso, JAC has hopped over the border into Benin. He is now in the W National Park in the far north of Benin, close to the Mekrou River which separates Benin from Burkina Faso. 

27 Jul 2022 - JAC moves into Niger

Since our last update JAC has flown 305km (190 miles) south east from his last location in Mali into the far south western corner of Niger, close to the border with Burkina Faso. He is now 112km (70 miles) south west of the capital Niamey and is very close to where he was at this point in July last year.  

19 Jul 2022 - JAC completes his desert crossing

Since our last update JAC has flown a further 244km (151 miles) south west in Mali, taking him into the Sahel where he should be able to rest and recover. He is now 24km (14 miles) north east of the city of Goa which is situated on the banks of the River Niger. It'll be interesting to see whether JAC continues south into Burkina Faso, as he did last year. 

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