Heard a Cuckoo?

This iconic sound means that spring has truly arrived! When you hear your first Cuckoo in spring, why not celebrate the return of this amazing bird with a donation to our Cuckoo tracking project? Who knows, it might be one of our tagged birds that you hear calling! 

Your donation will help us to learn more about Cuckoos throughout the year in order to better understand why they have declined by 68% since 1995 in England. You can boost the value of your text donation by allowing us to claim GiftAid. You will receive a free text message shortly after making your donation with further details.

Kasper the Cuckoo, one of five tagged with a satellite-tracking device
in the first year of the project.

Make your Cuckoo count with BirdTrack

Once you have sent your text donation to help us learn more about why Cuckoo populations are declining, please add your Cuckoo to BirdTrack to help build up a picture of what is happening to these threatened birds - follow this simple guide to adding one-off sightings.

The Cuckoo Tracking project

In 2011 we attached satellite-tracking devices to Cuckoos from Norfolk to find out more about their important stop-over sites and wintering destinations on the way to and from Africa. Since then we have been able to expand the project thanks to support from funders and sponsors. Read more about the project and find out what we have learnt so far. 

If you would like to get further involved in supporting the project, why not sponsor a Cuckoo or make a donation to the Cuckoo Tracking Project using the orange button below. 

Support the project

There is still much more we need to find out. The project has revealed so much about Cuckoos on their migration, including our published research that Cuckoo declines are linked to different migration routes taken to Africa. We would love to continue tracking more birds in the future and have the funds to analyse the data and produce further papers. We also need to continue to pay a monthly fee for the retrieval of satellite data for each tag for those birds who continue their journey. If you would like to help the project to continue and expand, please make a donation below.

Make a donation to the Cuckoo tracking project

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