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Updates from our Cuckoos

Read the latest updates from our Cuckoos on their migration.

Victor is gone

08 May 2019
We last heard from Victor on April 10 when he had just completed his desert crossing and was near the Algerian oasis town of Mansourah, at the northern edge of the Sahara. Based on the data we have received we can't be sure whether Victor has perished or it is his tag that has failed. The project will benefit greatly from the data contributed by Victor since he was first tagged in 2016 and we are grateful to everyone that sponsored and supported him. 

Victor has crossed the desert

11 Apr 2019
Victor is pretty much on the northern edge of the Sahara - he has a little way to go but has found the oasis town of Mansourah and its date plantations. In 2017 he arrived back in the UK on 12 May, and on 21 April in 2018, it will be interesting to see when he arrives back this year. He is currently 2,851km (1,771 miles) north and east of his last location in Ghana.

Victor moves back east

04 Apr 2019
Victor has moved north and east and across the border into Ghana. He is currently in dense forest in the Mpameso Forest Reserve and 18km (11 miles) from the border with Ivory Coast.

Victor in Ivory Coast

18 Mar 2019
Victor has crossed the border into Ivory Coast. He is now one of five satellite tagged Cuckoos in Ivory Coast. He is currently just to the east of the town of Diambarakrou and 179km (111 miles) south and west of his stopover in Ghana.

Victor is on his way

11 Mar 2019

On 9 March we received a couple of locations that suggested that Victor was in Cameroon and just after 8am on 11 March we received a good quality location that proved this is the case. However, he isn’t in Cameroon, he is in eastern Ghana, close to the border with Ivory Coast. During the last few days he has flown almost 2,000km (1,250 miles). He is in fairly open forest close to the village of Broni. His map will update overnight.

Victor settled in the gallery forest

25 Feb 2019

Victor is still in western CAR, moving around the gallery forest he has been in for the last five weeks. It will be interesting to see if he moves before the 9 March this year.

Victor hasn’t moved west yet

14 Feb 2019

Victor is still settled in the gallery forest that he has been in for almost a month now. In 2017 he began his journey west on 9 March but he didn’t arrive at his current site until 14 February. It could be that we see him move west any day now.

Victor still in CAR

07 Feb 2019
Victor has been settled in eastern Central African Republic for the last three weeks. He is moving around an area of wooded valleys and could make a move west any day now.

Victor leads the way

18 Jan 2019
During the last couple of days Victor has headed north with a vengeance, completing a flight of 646km (401 miles). He is now in eastern Central African Republic and currently further north than any of our other tagged Cuckoos.

Victor clocks in

03 Jan 2019
On 28 December we received a series of locations from Victor's tag that showed he is still alive, although the battery charge on his tag is very low. He is still in dense forest in central eastern Gabon. He is currently on the eastern edge of a band of thunderstorms and it is 30 degrees.


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