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Updates from our Cuckoos

Read the latest updates from our Cuckoos on their migration.

Valentine visits the south of France

10 Jul 2020
Valentine has flown a further 512 km (319 miles) south and by yesterday evening was in an area of farmland just east of Nimes. Last year his route took him further west down through Spain so it'll be interesting to see whether he flies direct to Africa from France or travels first out to Spain. 

PJ arrives in Spain

10 Jul 2020
Updates received from PJ's tag yesterday morning showed that he had flown 678 km (421 miles) south west from his last location in France to a new location in Navarra, northern Spain. He stopped approximately 25 km (16 miles) north of Pamplona. Further updates received early this morning however suggest that he quickly moved on from here, with a few low quality locations showing him 175 km (108 miles) south west, in a forested area in the municipality of Tardelcuende in the province of Soria, Castile and León. We'll have to await further updates to be sure of PJ's current location. His route so far looks very similar to the route he followed south last year. 

Carlton II crosses into Spain

09 Jul 2020
A new update received yesterday evening shows that Carlton II has flown 261 miles (420 km) south-west over the border into northern Spain. He is now approximately 30 miles (48 km) N-NE of the city of Burgos. 

Carlton II in southern France

07 Jul 2020
A series of good quality location updates received from Carlton II's tag yesterday evening confirm that he has continued on to the South of France. He is currently near the town of Castelnau-Montratier, approximately 72 km (45 miles) north of Toulouse. 

Carlton II is blazing the trail south

06 Jul 2020
Carlton II arrived in France early on Friday morning, stopping first in the east of the Île-de-France of north-central France. He didn't hang around though and by 11 am yesterday morning, 5 July, he had flown 305 km (190 miles) further south into central France, stopping on the shores of a lake close to the village of Charensat in the Puy-de-Dôme department in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. A further low-quality signal received just after 9am this morning place Carlton II 210 km (130 miles) SSW in the Occitanie region of southern France but we'll need to await further updates to be sure of his new location. Carlton II was tagged in 2018 so this is his third tracked migration south. In previous years his route has taken him through France and Spain, arriving in Africa in late July or early August, usually heading from Senegal. 

PJ departs UK on his fifth tracked migration south!

06 Jul 2020
Updates received from PJ's tag at 4pm on Saturday afternoon show that he has flown 450 km (280 miles) south on the first leg of his fifth tracked migration to Africa. His first stop-over is near Valpuiseaux in the Essonne department in Île-de-France in northern France. In 2019 PJ's route took him to southern France and northern Spain, where he stayed until late July, before crossing into Africa on 27 July. In other years however he has flown direct from France to Africa. If PJ successfully makes it across the Sahara this year, he will succeed Chris as our longest surviving tagged Cuckoo. 

Valentine is in France!

06 Jul 2020
On Friday 3 July Valentine left his breeding grounds in Thetford, Norfolk and flew 588 km (365 miles) south east across the Channel and into eastern France. The latest signal received from his tag at 10 am yesterday morning show that he has remained in the same area, a few miles west of Charmes in the Vosges region in north-eastern France. Valentine's route south last year took him through Spain, by 18 July he was in Morocco and by a couple of days later he was in Burkina Faso having crossed the Sahara. If he follows the same plan this year we can expect rapid progress south from Valentine.  

Local movements from Carlton II, PJ and Valentine

26 May 2020
Carlton II, PJ and Valentine are all busy flying around their breeding locations, with the odd possible feeding excursion elsewhere, in areas that might be better for their caterpillar food. Right now they will be chasing and mating with female Cuckoos (all our tagged birds are males).

Tennyson and Senan likely to be lost to us

26 May 2020

We've previously reported that Senan's tag battery has been low for a while and not charging properly. After a long period of silence, we were pleased to receive the locations from Algeria, and later from Spain, to show he was migrating. However, with no further signals since the 5 May, it looks like we may finally have lost contact with him. Similarly, Tennyson's battery has also experienced charging issues and we had hoped we would receive signals at some point during his northward movements, when the solar panel was exposed to longer periods of sunshine. However, we've not heard from his tag since early April. In both these cases it appears we have lost the tag signal rather than the bird and we hope both these Cuckoos return to the UK safely - even if it's unlikely we'll be able to update you. Do keep your eyes peeled if you are on the Norfolk/Suffolk border though!

Senan in Spain

04 May 2020
A series of new updates received from Senan's tag over the weekend show that he has crossed the Mediterranean, flying 610 km (380 miles) north from Algeria to Spain. He is now in the province of Cuenca, Castile-La Mancha, in eastern central Spain. As we have reported before, we think Senan's tag may stop transmitting any day so we are delighted to receive another update and will be keeping our fingers crossed that he will check in again over the next few days. 


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