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The Cuckoo is one of the migrants we know least about once it leaves the UK. To find out more, our ground-breaking Cuckoo tracking project is using satelite tags to track 5 male Cuckoos from their breeding grounds in the UK to their wintering destinations in Africa.  To see where they are now visit our Cuckoos' blogs:

Demog Blog

Our Demog blog features latest news and stories from the BTO’s Ringing and Nest Recording teams, along with some fascinating contributions from blog followers. Read the latest postings on the Demog Blog.

BTO Migration Blog

Spring and autumn are exciting times of year as migrant birds arrive in and depart from Britain. On the BTO Migration Blog, we will be making predictions about when to expect migrant arrivals, so that you know when and where to go to see these exciting birds.

BTO Young Birders' Blog

Our new blog aimed at young birders, ringers and nest recorders

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