Calling in the wilderness - a PhD opportunity

Calling in the wilderness - a PhD opportunity

21 Nov 2019

Polesia sunset. Daniel Rosengren

By 2020, the BTO will be in its second year of an exciting 5-year landscape restoration program in Belarus and Ukraine – ‘Wilderness without borders: creating one of the largest natural landscapes in Europe’. The project aims to designate new, and upgrade existing conservation areas, to create a transboundary protected and interconnected core area of 1.2 million ha., within the wider Prypiat / Polesia area covering approximately 5.8 million ha.

This project will examine the potential of passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) as a tool for providing large-scale baseline data for nocturnal wildlife. Specifically, the student will combine the deployment of acoustic recorders in the Prypiat and Polesia wilderness area with analysis of acoustic data.

Learn more about the opportunity and how to apply, before the closing date of 7 January 2020.

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