BTO Conference: Session 5 - In the Garden & Wintering Blackcaps

Blackcap, by Liz Cutting.jpg
Kate Risely, Becki Lawson and Benjamin Van Doren
Thursday, December 3, 2020 -
14:00 to 15:45
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Session 5 of the BTO Conference includes talks on 25 years of Garden Birdwatch by Kate Risely, Garden Wildlife Health by Becki Lawson and Blackcaps by Benjamin Van Doren. The talk will be held online using Zoom.

14:00 25 years of Garden Birdwatch - Kate Risely
The BTO’s year round Garden BirdWatch project started in 1995, and today over 10,000 participants send in weekly lists of the birds in their garden. This is an incredible dataset: we have records from over 50,000 gardens, and over 8 million species lists in total. In this talk Kate Risely will describe some of the findings from BTO’s garden ecology research over the last 20 years, particularly on the effects of bird feeding and disease, as well as our plans for the future of Garden BirdWatch.

14:30 Garden Wildlife Health - lessons from BTO Garden Birdwatchers - Becki Lawson
In this talk Dr. Becki Lawson from the Zoological Society of London will discuss some of the key findings from the Garden Wildlife Health scheme, showing how BTO volunteers and the wider public enable a better understanding of wildlife and how we can protect it.

15:00 Tracking the migrations of Britain’s wintering Blackcaps - Benjamin Van Doren
Over the last 60 years, the number of Blackcaps wintering in Britain has increased dramatically. Benjamin Van Doren will discuss the origins of these winter visitors, how they spend their time, and why they are here.

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