BTO Conference: Session 2 - Monitoring Curlew & Jack Snipe

Curlew - Paul Hillion
Tuesday, December 1, 2020 -
14:00 to 15:45
Places available

Session 2 of the BTO Conference includes two talks on Curlew by Katharine Bowgen and Harry Ewing, and Colin McShane talking about using new technology to improve the UK winter population estimate of Jack Snipe. The talk will be held online using Zoom.

Watch this session on the BTO Youtube channel.

14:00 Curves for Curlew: Identifying breeding status from GPS tracking in Wales - Katharine Bowgen
It has proved near impossible to identify breeding status timings of cryptic species like Curlew without intense or expensive monitoring but this information is important to target conservation practices and management. Katharine Bowgen will share the insights gained from BTO’s work tracking Curlew in Wales. 

14:30 Curlews in the East - Harry Ewing
Across Europe, Curlew are declining as a result of unsustainably high rates of nest and chick failure. Harry Ewing will talk about his PhD studies monitoring Curlew nests in East Anglia. 

15:00 Using new technology to improve the UK winter population estimate of Jack Snipe - Colin McShane
BTO volunteer Colin McShane will explain how he and his colleagues have been using thermal imaging technology to improve our understanding of Jack Snipe. 

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