Shane Wolsey

Northern Ireland Officer


Shane heads up, on a part-time basis, the Northern Ireland office of BTO, representing all aspects of the organisation in the province.  This includes liaison with government and other environmental stakeholders, fund raising, development of scientific activities, and, in particular, volunteer and membership engagement, the latter being the foundation of BTO work.  He is responsible for planning and delivering training in Northern Ireland, and for organising the annual BTO NI conference, which provides a great opportunity for bird watchers from all over Ireland to get together.  Shane also represents Northern Ireland within BTO at a national level, ensuring that any regional needs or views are taken into account during decision making.

Interests & Responsibilities

Shane has a particular interest in inclusiveness.  This manifests itself in a number of ways: he is very keen that volunteers of all abilities have an opportunity to interact with BTO and to contribute to its data gathering activities; he believes in BTO working in partnership other organisations (environmental sector, government and business) to deliver enhanced environmental data gathering; and he is keen that experience and expertise developed in Northern Ireland is shared with others elsewhere.  Shane also has a particular interest in seabirds and the marine sector.

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