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Student Ambassadors

Inspiring the next generation is crucially important to any organisation, club or charity and BTO is certainly no execption.

We need to make ourselves known to younger people and raise awareness of what we do. With luck, many of these younger people will discover the fun and value of bird surveying straight away and get involved in some aspect of BTO volunteering. Even those that currently have other priorities will, hopefully, return to us later in their careers.

Getting the BTO 'out there' to a younger audience is a priority as we increase membership and continue to promotre a higher profile in Wales. Having Student Ambassadors based in many of the Welsh university colleges is a fantastic way to raise the awareness of BTO and our surveys to students.

Currently we have ambassadors at Bangor, Aberystwyth, Swansea and Cardiff Universities. The ambassadors are JonesZ3 [at] cardiff.ac.uk (Zoe Jones)kingscott-edmundsj [at] cardiff.ac.uk ( )at Cardiff, M.Y.GEORGIEV.957817 [at] swansea.ac.uk (Martin Georgiev)   at Swansea,lizziewaring17 [at] gmail.com ( Lizzie Waring)  at Aberystwyth, and tbc18vrc [at] bangor.ac.uk (Toby Carter) at Bangor.

Wales student ambassadors

  • M.Y.GEORGIEV.957817 [at] swansea.ac.uk (Martin Georgiev)

  •               lizziewaring17 [at] gmail.com (Lizzie Waring)

  •                      tbc18vrc [at] bangor.ac.uk (Toby Carter)


                      JonesZ3 [at] cardiff.ac.uk (Zoe Jones)


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