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Press stories relating to Scotland and the work of BTO Scotland.

Date Title No.
March 2022 Herons and Scottish Islands 2022-13
June 2021 Scottish Cuckoos are go! 2021-29
March 2021 Survey of UK's coast highlights change in wintering waterbird populations 2021-08
December 2020 New report reveals good news for rare breeding birds 2020-37
October 2020 ‘Puffarazzi’ scientist wins prestigious award 2020-31
October 2020 Scottish Ornithologists’ Club recognised with prestigious award 2020-30
October 2020 Glasgow youngster wins top ornithology award. 2020-29
September 2020 Drones can be a source of disturbance to wintering waterbird flocks 2020-21
May 2020 Mixed bag for Scottish seedeaters 2020-14
December 2019 Scottish owl tracked to Morocco's 'oyster capital' 2019-39
July 2019 Increases in generalist predator populations are associated with Pheasant releases 2019-21
May 2019 Scottish Starlings struggle 2019-12
February 2019 Edinburgh primary school children receive award for citizen science. 2019-06
January 2019 Collaborative project aims to shed new light on breeding waders in the east Cairngorms 2019-04
November 2018 Sparrows thriving in Scotland 2018-32
August 2018 Bird Surveyors help to shed new light on changing mammal populations 2018-22
April 2018 Declining summer visitor doing well in Scotland 2018-12
December 2017 Britain's birds - winners and losers 2017-41
December 2017 Report reveals the effect of a changing climate on the UK’s birds 2017-38
September 2017 Wind farms and biodiversity: are they on a collision course? 2017-30
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