BTO Inclusivity Statement

We celebrate the individuality and diversity of our staff, members, volunteers, Board members, and supporters, and the passion and contribution each person brings. Our activities and events are open to anyone interested in our work, regardless of nationality, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality and socio-economic status.

BTO is committed to educating itself and addressing the barriers to equality and diversity, and creating an inclusive environment.

We will identify opportunities to work with others in our sector; learn from those with expertise in diversity and inclusion; and better acquaint ourselves with the scientific literature about diversity and inclusion as advocacy for evidence-based decision making is at the heart of what we do.

Our Diversity working group, formed 18th December 2019, has set out the following aims : 

  • Record data on the diversity of BTO staff, volunteers, Board members, committees, keynote/plenary speakers and session chairs at our conferences
  • Understand what and how BTO is doing now to overcome barriers to equality, diversity and inclusion , in order to monitor progress
  • Identify ways to improve diversity and inclusiveness through listening, learning and taking action
  • Raise awareness internally and amongst our supporters of barriers to equality, diversity and inclusion 
  • Inform policy and workplace culture to ensure they are representative
  • Achieve diversity of award nominees

Ways we are working to deliver these aims include:

  • Working towards a Diversity Working Group that has the time and space to collaborate on ideas and strategies and is supported in its aims by leadership, Board and all staff
  • Providing training and raising awareness internally
  • Engaging staff in discussion to bring diversity to the forefront of everyone’s mind
  • Assessing and updating language, policies, processes and images
  • Being open to ideas, suggestions and feedback- we would love you to join the conversation - please peopleteam [at] (contact our People Team) (peopleteam [at]

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