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Cetti's Warbler

13 May 2015
Cetti's Warbler by Edwyn Anderton

Cetti's Warblers have undergone a huge range expansion over the last 3 decades, only slightly put back by the recent sequence of cold winters. The indications are that since then, numbers are increasing again, with perhaps more than 2,000 territories in southern Britain. However, where they are now commonplace, some key sites are not receiving regular counts, leading to underestimates of numbers.

Like all species on the Rare Breeding Birds Panel (RBBP) list, please add a breeding code for any Cetti's Warblers recorded in breeding habitat. For tips on what to record, please download the RBBP's advice on recording breeding evidence and rare breeding birds using BirdTrack [PDF].

Dove Step 2

19 Apr 2015
Dove Step 2

In 2014, Dove Step saw a small but perfectly-formed team of dedicated conservationists walk 300 miles through the UK summer range of Turtle Dove. To further raise awareness of and funds for the conservation of this rapidly declining species, the team have upped the ante this year! Starting later this week, they will cover 700 miles of our Turtle Doves' migration route to and through France in just a fortnight, by kayak, bike and on foot: Dove Step 2.

All Turtle Dove sightings logged in BirdTrack are supplied to the Operation Turtle Dove team to help inform conservation action for this declining species.